Saudi Society for Vascular Surgery



 Office      Ext.   Office Hours 
 Omar Ibrahim Mohammad Saadah  763/G  20106    10.00-12.00
 Sat - Tue - Wed
 Mansour Ibrahim Sulaiman  124/G  20188  13.00-15.00
 From Sat to Wed  
 Zuhair Abdullah Husain Damanhouri          124/G  20988  10.00-14.00
 Sat - Mon - Wed
 Abdulmunem Mahmoud Ali Osman  754/G  20218  10.00-13.00
 From Sat to Wed
 Osman Hasan Osman Omar  766/G  20108  10.00-13.00
 From Sat to Wed
 Ahmad Shakir Ali  755/G  22330  9.00-10.00
 From Sat to Wed
 Latif Muhib Addin Khan  740/G  89980  10.00-14.00
 From Sat to Wed
 Majdah Mohammad Al-Hagras  673/G  23100  10.00-14.00
 From Sat to Wed
 Mai Abdulalim Ahmad  672/G  23102  10.00-14.00
 From Sat to Wed

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